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About Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy is a travel writer with a difference.  Whenever possible, he writes about people “making a difference” in their journeys through life.  His travel journalism articles have appeared in many newspapers and magazines in Canada and the USA, in particular The Province, a daily newspaper in Vancouver. His short stories have been selected for inclusion in the Best Travel Writing series published by prestigious Travelers Tales Books in San Francisco. He has published over 100 cover stories in magazines in Canada and the U.S.

His documentary film In the Footsteps of the Master: Following Peter Matthiessen on the Snow Leopard Trail, about Micheal’s 500-kiloemtre trek over the Himalayas to the very remote Upper Dolpo region of Nepal, is now available as a DVD on his website. He is currently producing several other travel documentaries about his many adventures and humanitarian work in several countries.  His ebooks, books and other media are found at The Intentional Traveler; Journeys with Purpose and Meaning (www.intentional-traveler.com). Interviews with dozens of other travel writers about their own journeys, and the ways they “make the world a better place,” can be listened to on Michael’s weekly radio show The Intentional Traveler on WGRN Radio (www.wgrnradio.com).

When not travelling the world, Michael lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He can be contacted c/o editor2013@shaw.ca. Follow him on Facebook by googling Facebook Michael William McCarthy.


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