South Cariboo ranch featured in Vancouver Sun

Bio 7 editOne of my travel articles about the Cariboo was published recently in the Vancouver Sun. Log on to this link to read it. Several more articles about my Cariboo and Chilcotin trips will be published soon, and again in 2014.


Project midsummer update

Here’s a midsummer update on The Last Frontier project.  In May I travelled through the southern Cariboo for a few weeks, starting in Lillooet and meeting folks in the southern Cariboo from Clinton and all through the Fishing Highway (Highway 24) region. I was able to shoot a lot of video footage and photos for the book, website and other media I will build in the winter.


I have written and submitted several stories to the Vancouver Sun and Province about my travels, including Xwisten (Fish Rock) at Bridge River, lots of fishing camps along Highway 24, a horse whisperer at The Hills Health Ranch at 108 Mile, and many of the guest ranches I visited in the southern Cariboo including The Flying U, Watch Lake Lodge and Hat Creek Ranch.


Now it’s time to wander the northern Cariboo, the Chilcotin and down to the Coast region from Bella Coola to Bella Bella. Photos and a few video clips of that trip will appear soon on this modest little blog. A major website containing stories, photos, videos, an ebook and more media products will be produced and made available the winter of 2013-2014. ImageImageImage

Welcome to the Cariboo, Chilcotin and Coast Wilderness

The Cariboo, Chilcotin and Coast regions of British Columbia constitute one of the few remaining wilderness regions of the world that have not been fully explored or publicized to the outside world. British Columbia is a huge province, and many people who live here have never set foot in any of these regions. The purpose of this project is for me to discover as much as possible about these places and the people who live there, and to share my discoveries with you.

As a professional travel writer, I have had the good fortune to explore many remote regions of the world, from the Himalayas in Asia to the swamps of Louisiana. The farther away from big cities I go, the more excited I get. Unspoiled remote regions possess authenticity, and the people who live there maintain integrity of purpose. They live there because they want a genuine experience from their lives. Technology and luxury have not yet corrupted their lifestyles.

This vast wilderness enfolds unlimited opportunities for discovery for the intrepid traveller. Wild animals roam in freedom. There are mountains to climb, rivers to run, fish to catch, unmatched photography. This is the last true home of the cowboy and Indian, the gold miner, the rancher and wrangler and the hunter.

Join me as I wander this great territory and meet the people who call it home. Enjoy my stories, photos and interviews, and comment on what you learn. I am pleased to report that I have received the assistance of the CCCTA (Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association) with this project, and will be sharing my results with them and other tourism associations. Please know that all the reviews on this site are strictly my own personal opinion, that of a professional traveller who loves to explore the last remaining wild places of the world and – more importantly – to see the creatures that live there and to make friends with the people who call it home.

Video clips of the old Gold Rush Trail

Last summer I travelled the old Gold Rush Trail, starting in Lillooet and ending up in Barkerville. My route include Fish Rock, the West Pavilion Road, the Big Bar Ferry, the “Grand Canyon of the North” section of the Fraser canyon (via helicopter), the High Bar Indian Reserve, Cougar Point, Echo Valley Ranch and Spa, Clinton, the Fraser River near Williams Lake via jetboat, Wells and Barkerville.

A selection of the video interviews and landcapses I shot can be found by clicking on any of the links posted to YouTube, posted below.

Cariboo video clips (Gold Rush)

Ft Berens

Fish Rock tour guide

Fish rock soapberries

Bridge River salmon

Old Chinese flume at High Bar (Norm)

Old Chinese dam at High Bar (Darrel)

Gold panning on Fraser River (Darrel)

Cougar Point (Michael)

Sacred Spires section of the “Grand Canyon of the North” (Fraser River)

The “spirit of water” found in the Living Sculpture at Echo Valley Ranch (Michael Blackstock)

Cariboo Chilcotin jetboat adventures introduction (Doug and Charlene)

California Bighorn Sheep along the shores of the Fraser Canyon

Jetboat operators Doug and Charlene Green talk about the Bighorn Sheep that can be viewed on their tours

At Kelly House in historic Barkerville, history is brought to life in this B&B, the only accommodation in the ghost town

In Barkerville, an animator brings her role to life as a street entertainer

In Barkerville, an animator brings his role to life as a street entertainer

In Barkerville’s only Chinese restauranr Long Duck Tong, the owners say hello

The hat merchant in Barkerville gives a short history of hats

A gold miner in the town of Wells, next to Barkerville, explains that the hunt for gold still continues in this hard rock town.

Dave Jorgenson of White Gold Adventures explains placer mining

My next trip to the BC Interior will be in early May. I’ll be travelling the southern regions of the Cariboo, especially the Fishing Highway region. I’ll be visiting ranches, lodges, fish camps, aboriginal tourism sites, small towns and whatever catches my fancy along the way. If you’d like me to drop by and see your property, and share an interview, please feel free to contact me at this website c/o